Being a personal sponsor

Kerry’s Joy world has a sponsorship system where you can become a sponsor for one of the children at the orphanage. Sponsorship means that you pay a monthly or annual amount that goes directly to the child’s school tuition fee. You pay into an account in Sweden and we ensure that your money continuously reaches the orphanage.


You have the option to correspond with the child and thus have more personal contact. You can be a sponsor as long as the child is staying at the orphanage. Of course you can end your sponsorship if you are no longer able to continue. We will then search for a new sponsor to the child.

What does it cost to be a sponsor ?
The school tuition fee is depending on the grade the child is attending.

  • For children in grades 1-4 , the fee is SEK 200 per month, SEK 600 per quarter or SEK 2.400 per year.
  • For grades 5-8 , the fee is SEK 230 per month, SEK 690 per quarter or SEK 2.760 per year.
  • High school tuition fees vary somewhat depending on which school the child is attending. Most of the time, high school means boarding school, which of course makes the fee higher than elementary school fees. Approximate fee is SEK 430 per month, SEK 1.290 per quarter or SEK 5.160 per year.

As a sponsor, you may choose whether you want to pay the full annual fee at once or divide it into monthly or quarterly payments. Several children have two sponsors, in which case you pay half of the sum specified.

Bankgirocentralen No. 466-8398.

Our sentiment is that “no one can help everyone but everyone can help someone”.

All donated money goes directly to the orphanage without any administrative costs.