In 2007 Caroline Omburu and Margareta Rutgersson met each other for the first time, and a mutual friendship arose. It was a local tourist guide that brought Margareta and her friend Lena to Joy World. Margareta immediately committed herself and decided to go back to Sweden to find people who were willing to donate money to the orphanage. Only half a year later , in 2008 , Margareta and Lena returned to the orphanage, bringing SEK 19 000, which was immediately used for the installation of running water for the orphanage. At this time, the Archbishop Odarra of Nairobi was also visiting. When experiencing the enthusiasm of these Swedish ladies, he wanted them, as a ‘thank you’, to inaugurate the newly constructed volunteer house on their next visit to Mombasa. The inauguration took place on November 20, 2008.

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Subsequently, Margareta has returned to the orphanage 15 times – initially twice a year – and each time bringing gifts of various kinds; donations from various companies.

The children of Joy World really appreciate the Swedish visits to the orphanage. We organize various activities for them. We take the kids to Diani Beach and in the evenings  we play with them and sing songs – and much more.

And the visits to the Joy World orphanage will continue.

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